Streak Dancing

Are you a dancer? Or perhaps you just like to dance like no one is watching to your favourite music?

We have a revolutionary movement underway to raise awareness about child soldiers. It is a fresh way to raise funds AND provides joy for everyone around you. It works like this:

1. Choose a favourite song, something that gets you moving every time you hear it.

2. Pick a public space such as a mall, airport, food hall, shopping centre, your place of work, or somewhere exceptional such as Everest base camp, in a submarine, or in space.

3. Set up a camera to record you.

4. Plug yourself into your favourite song and start dancing like you have never danced before.

5. Upload to Youtube and/or Vimeo and tag/link Project Phoenix.

<Can I have a communal you tube channel where people can upload their Streak dance and then I upload to from there to Project Phoenix's channel?>

6. Tell your friends and family about your extraordinary efforts to raise awareness about child soldiers and ... <how will they donate. Can I set up a system where people sign up to the challenge and their family and friends donate to their section of the site?>

Contact Us for more information or keep an eye on our social media sites for others getting on board!